Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Don't Thank the Universe

We climb the highest mountain we can and stand in awe of creation.  We dive deep in the waters and wonderfully lust on it.  Sometimes even the simplest drops of rain from our window give warm jitters in our senses.

The sun. Its power is unstoppable.  As soon as it sets, no one and nothing can conceal its tremendous heat and light.  It reaches throughout and from end to end.  We may try to hide in a shade yet the sun remains where it is.  Its rays will always seep through.

We unashamedly call nature "mother" as if it cradles all living things.  We thank the universe (ours or whichever universe) for all the good that come our way when actually it has nothing to do with it.  All of universe and the life it encompasses; the nature's form and itself are merely all part of God's grand design.  Clearly, as some assumed or were misled, the universe and God are not the same. Universe is a creation, same with nature.  God is the Creator.

"The heavens declare the glory of God" (Psalm 19:1).  Nature will always amaze us of its beauty and its gripping ways because someone Supreme is behind it.  We are struck of the creation's magnificence, how much more the glory of the Creator! We can only suppress as much of this truth as the sun is suppressed of its light-- the unchanging invisible power of God clearly seen in all its creation will always seep through. 

To deny that there is God takes a lot of imagination.  Creation is too beautiful to be accidental.

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