Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Life is Terrifying; Or is it?

Sorrows, failures and uncertainties follow our earthly life.  It may stay for a time, a year, or all your days.  So yes- when we come to think of it, life can be terrifying.

Fear becomes our great enemy.  It may defeat us by default, without a fight.  But fear may also bring out that indomitable spirit in us.  As one preacher puts it, you would not need courage without fear.  Courage comes with fear.

But what is courage, really?  Is it an urge to do something dangerous or extreme? Or a prevailing moment of your invincible self?

Folks often depict courage as a grip in one's heart that convinces someone to act for a cause.  I think that goes the same in our Christian walk.  But what is the cause that grip our hearts? Psalm 60:12 says,

"With God, we will do valiantly,
it is He who will tread down our foes."

In this Psalm, David is resolved on the manner that he and the Israelites will fight.  They will not go to battle petrified, anxious or confused.  They will fight bravely as if they have already won.  David's courage is not a sudden feeling or an impulsive drive.  He meditated the cause of his courage.  It is not a mind conditioning of believing in himself, but it is from God whom he lay all his hope.

His courage is founded in a certain hope- his hope in his God, on who He is and what He can do.

We encounter difficult times, and God allows these things to happen for the purpose of His glory.  We may feel as though God is conspiring with our misfortunes (a revealing thought of a downcast soul).  Many may be puzzled, but it is really to our advantage that God is involved even in our troubles and sufferings.  Surely, He permits these things not to harm us.  He breaks us so we can see how weak our defenses are, if left on our own.  He makes us witness to the person we really are through our circumstances.  He strips our pride so we can truly learn how to depend on Him.  And when we finally figured it out, our hope in temporal existence fades, and a living hope irresistibly arise in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Courage is found where you put your hope into.
God is the cause of my and my salvation in this terrifying life.
And for that, I am not terrified at all.

Reading: Psalm 60

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